Chasing our dreams into the heart of the storm.

Welcome Jessica Moore!  

Jessica is the newest member of the Twister Sisters team and we are so excited to move forward with some new visions.  Jessica is a Meteorologist, Photographer and has been chasing storms for over 8 years. She has a deep passion for weather of all kinds and loves to be in the field documenting it! She is currently living in Colorado with her beautiful daughter.

Melanie Metz

I have had a passion for weather, tornadoes and photography since I can remember!  I started dreaming about tornadoes when I was 6 years old living in Tucson, AZ....and I haven't stopped dreaming.  I finally realized my dreams and passions as an adult, after college, and have been chasing ever since, over 20 years now! I earned my B.S. degree in Chemistry & Biomedical science with additional studies in Meteorology. I've worked over the years as a professional Photographer, Chemist, Corporate Training Manager, Adult Foster Care Provider, and Massage Therapist. 


Outside of chasing storms in the spring, I am living a wonderful life in Minneapolis with my 3 dachshunds and my husband. In addition to documenting weather, shooting pics, and running my massage practice, I’m always taking workshops and learning more from other experts in the field!


I believe life is about following your passion, sharing love, and enjoying the amazing adventure of each day.

Peggy Willenberg

I have been fascinated with severe weather as long as I can remember. Growing up in Indiana, there were plenty of storms, and every time my parents would try to get me into our basement, I would sneak out for a look at the action! I graduated from Purdue University with a BS in Biology/Chemistry. I have completed post-graduate work in Meteorology at St. Cloud State University-- what fun that was!


When not chasing, I am a huge fan of motor sports, especially Formula 1.  I am very active in the Friends of Hunting Island Sea Turtle Conservation Program, and also enjoy rock hounding, cooking, and gardening. My new goal is to become proficient at horseback riding, while still staying in one piece!

My husband and I have two Golden Retrievers and nine cats, so I guess you could say I am a real pet lover.  Our daughter is a police officer in Georgia, and we are very proud of her and her chosen profession.


I live on Lady’s Island, in the Sea Islands of South Carolina. As much as I enjoy my home, when spring rolls around it's time to hit the road, and enjoy all the beauty of this vast nation, sharing the experience with my Twister Sister!


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